Our daily motivation is knowing how each vine works, what its health is, respect it and not force it. Every day we strive to take care of them in a natural way

We have learned that the key to making quality wines and caring for the flavor’s typicality is to achieve harmony between the grapes’ quality, the oenologist’s knowledge and the most natural and advanced means in the winery.


No usamos tratamientos fitosanitarios por sistema, solo por necesidad, y en este caso siempre serán tratamientos naturales. Aplicamos la biodinámica realizando los trasiegos de los vinos de una luna a otra, para que sean limpios y eficientes.

Our policy is to not use pesticides nor sprays, since natural conditions such as the zone’s altitude and winter temperatures prevent pests, while in the spring other insects such as ants and ladybugs contribute to the vineyards’ sustainability.

We follow best practices in waste management and water purification.


Vines, just like people, need care, affection and being treated delicately.

This results in tastier and bigger grapes, with a much deeper and intense flavor that carries over to our wines: ecological wines from 100% natural vineyards, treated with biological products. Bodegas Lambuena’s vineyards have improved their production, taste and intensity, making remarkably better wines year after year.

The older vines produce better quality grapes, offering a bigger variety and protecting an increasing production, treated every day in the closest and more natural way, just like our grandfathers did.